Natural Deodorant Spray

Deodorant has become an everyday need for almost everyone, thus it is important to make sure that you dont use harsh chemicals product for your under arm!

As we use it everyday, its only the best for us to be extra careful in choosing our deodorant, try to avoid harsh chemicals when you buy any. Alternately, you can also DIY a truly natural, refreshing, chemical free and non toxic deodorant spray. This natural and deodorizing essences ( depends on your choice of blended EO ) will naturally keep you smelling fresh and the same spray should works as well on feet and any part of your body to eliminate & prevent odor.

There will be two kind of recipes that we would like to share – water based and alcohol based (Ethanol – grain alcohol). Make sure that your ethanol is methanol free and do take note that, some ultra sensitive individuals may experience underarm irritation if using ethanol based. However,  ethanol based deodorant spray last longer and fast drying.

A. Water based deodorant spray.

For 100ml deodorant spray, you will need:

1. 60ml Witch Hazel Hydrosol or a combination of Witch Hazel + Peppermint Hydrosols (30ml each)

2. 2ml Glycerin.

3. 35ml distilled water or
(32ml distilled water and 3ml polysorbate-20 as solubilizer).

4. 3ml of EO blend (3% dilution rate)

You can try any of the blend below. 1ml is about 20 drops:

Blend 1 – Ylang Ylang or Rose 5 drops, Tea Tree 30 drops and Frankincense 25 drops.

Blend 2 – Lavender 20 drops, Tea Tree 20 drops  and Grapefruit 20 drops.

Blend 3 – Sweet Orange 30 drops, Peppermint 10 drops and Tea Tree 20 drops.

How to:

Mix everything in a bottle and shake until all mixed. If you don’t use any solubilizer  make sure that you shake well before every use.

B. Ethanol based deodorant spray.

For 100ml deodorant spray, you will need:

1. 50 ml Ethanol (Undenatured)

2. 10ml Witch Hazel Extract.

3. 2ml glycerin.

4. 35ml distilled water.

4. 3ml of EO blend (3% dilution rate)

You can try our blend as below or your own choice of blend. 1ml is about 20 drops.

Lavender 15 drops
Lime 5 drops
Lemongrass 2 drops
Peppermint 5 drops
Eucalyptus 5 drops
Rosemary 3 drops
Geranium 10 drops
Tea tree 15 drops

How to:

1.  In a bottle, pour in ethanol followed by all the e.o. Let it rest for 30 min or until all e.o. dissolved.

2. Add in all other ingredients and shake well.

Directions on how to use the spray :

Spray 3-5 times onto clean skin and allow to dry before putting on clothes. Re-apply as needed or before intense activities such as exercising.

Happy DIY! You make your own and its guaranteed no synthetics, no artificial fragrances, no preservatives, no toxic irritants, aluminium free, no triclosan, no phthalates, no parabens or propylene glycol, no anti perspirant chemicals and 100% vegan.

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