Chamomile Macerated Oil

Macerate herbs is one way to turn your average carrier oil into something awesome! Using them is another safer way to enjoy the benefits of natural plants other than using essential oils. Essential oils are potent and you need to use them at a safe dilution rate especially for small children. For small babies, pregnant ladies and nursing moms, macerated oils are recommended as they are gentle but carry the same benefits EO has. It can be used daily and usually safe. It does not need dilution.

You can use macerated oils in your massage formulations, salves, balms, lotions, creams, scrubs and many others.

You can make your own macerated oil using cold process and use it after 6-8 weeks or you can get them from us. Below we would like to share the benefits of Chamomile Macerated Oil.

Chamomile Macerated or infused oil has many benefits for skin and among them are:

1. Acne And Eczema:

Use the oil as your face oil or mix it with Evening Primrose oil for inflammations. It is suitable for eczema skin conditions as well.

2. Skin Rashes And Scarring:

The oil calms skin irritations while hydrates and moisturizes. benefits. It is also known to be effective in healing sun burns. Add a few drops to your bath after a day under the sun.

3. Moisturizes And Soothes Eyes area:

Get rid of crow’s feet and dark circles with regular application. It eases blemishes and evens skin tone as it has skin repairing, regenerating, and strengthening properties.

4. Moisturizes hair and scalp.

Chamomile is a natural anti-dandruff Agent as it is an effective natural solution to nourish scalp and hair, especiall for dry and brittle hair. Folks use it to beat hair lice and dandruff as well. It soothes the irritated scalp.

5. Helps Babies To Sleep:

A massage with this oil is known to induce sleep in infants. You can use this oil as part of your baby oil formulation and massage your little one with this oil.

Bonus Recipe:

Our Chamomile Macerated Oil ingredients: Pure natural grapeseed Oil, Pure Chamomile flowers . Free from fragrances, dyes and preservatives such as paraben.

It is Vegan.

Note: Chamomile oil may cause allergic reactions in people with unusually sensitive skin, so do a spot test before using it. Simply apply a drop of oil to your arm and see if any reaction occurs.

Chamomile Macerated Oil in Grapeseed Oil 100ml -RM64

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