Multipurpose Balm / Bam Serbaguna

A year ago we whipped up a ‘Rescue’ balm for our daughter as she has mild degree of eczema but serious enough to make her uncomfortable with the dryness and inflammation. Regular use of this balm has made her skin more moisturized and healthy. Since then we have shared this miracle balm with family and friends and we are glad that it works for them too! ♥️

This balm is a truly savior when life little mishaps happened and many has testify of its effectiveness. Be it rashes, insect bites, cuts or scrapes, skin inflammation and many others. Its gentle enough to use as a baby diaper balm and can be used to beat that tough looking cradle cap as well. A must have item in all mommies handbag, we must say.

We only uses pure high grade essential oil and our essential oils dilution ratio is suitable for babies 6 months and above. We made per order and handcrafted with lots of love and care.

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Get your rescue balm here or visit our instagram here .

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