Many Uses of Ethanol

Ethanol Alcohol 95% (ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol) is a clear, colorless liquid. Its sourced naturally from plant and it is also known as rubbing alcohol, although most in the market rubbing alcohol is Isopropyl alcohol.

Ethanol Alcohol can be used to exclude or minimize microorganisms throughout a product’s life cycle as equipment cleanser and preserves water based cosmetic etc.

You can use ethanol for many purposes:

1. It helps preserved your natural DIY formulation i.e. body mist, home spray, perfume etc. Especially your water based cosmetic.

2. Use it to clean your diffusers.


3. To disinfect your bottles and equipments.


4. Use it as your personal sanitizers by adding your fav e.os i.e tea-tree oil.
Credit to the owner of pictures and videos.


Happy trying!

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