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Remedy For The Little Ones

My kids sometimes get flu during the season and many times it will bring cough along the way.  It only means one thing.. sleepless night for both kid and mom!

Apart from the flu medicine, lot of water and plenty of rest, it helps to have them sleep with double pillows and position their head high for a comfortable hopeful night. I also use our home-made vapour rub on their chest and back. It helps soothe and aid them to breathe easily. I add lavender as one of the main ingredients as it calms and promotes sleep.  This vapour rub has become our must have during flu season.

Here sharing the recipe, I hope this works well for you as well! This recipe is suitable for children 2 year old and above. Use peppermint and rosemary only for children above 10 year old.

When you make your own remedy to support your well being with essential oils, please be mindful that EO can be very potent. Its always good to research on how to use them safely especially with babies and younger children.

There are certainly some EO that are safe and suitable for young children, however for babies below 2 year old, use only what professionals’ recommended. Try to avoid using EO for babies below 1 year old. Please always check on the dilution ratio and safer way to use.

Even though essential oils are plants derived, it does not mean that they will not caused any allergic reaction, always do a patch test before use. Be safe while enjoying magnificent and vast benefits of essential oils !Major ❤ for all my ‘oil’ fellows.😘

You can get supplies from this link or visit our instagram .

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