Essential Oils

Essential Oils Dilution Rate

The first time when I started my journey in aromatherapy, essential oils to be specific, I got all kind of guides from friends and read many articles but yet I’m still not sure on the amount of EO that I should use for my DIY. My main concern during that time was how to use EO safely around and for my children.

The right amount of oils used is utmost important when it comes to essential oils. Essential oils are potent and just a wee bit of them is good enough for us to gain all the natural benefits.

From all my readings and classes with certified theraphist, I can conclude that generally the experts would recommended dilution rate for essential oil are as below:

a. A dilution range of 0.1% up to 1% for babies 3 months and children up to 14 years. Essential oils used must be safe for children and always the lowest dilution for younger children.

b. A dilution range between 2%-3% for 15 years up to adult. This dilution rate is safe for everyday use i.e. face, bath and body products such as moisturizers, face wash, body oil, face oil etc.

c. A dilution range of 4% – 5% is meant for product formulation that targeted to support health condition and the product is used for short term or occasionally i.e. headache, arthritis etc

d. A dilution range of 6%-25% used for acute health conditions support. It is recommended for this formulation fix to be used for short term and occasionally.

So in summary, what matter most is to be safe. Essential oils are from natural source but they must be used responsibly. Always check your dilution rate, type of essential oils and whether the oils are safe for you and your entire family.  A simple patch test for allergy reactions must be done as an extra precaution.

Whether you are buying or doing your own formulation, it is always recommended to follow the guides given.

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